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Located inside Canadian Tire Service. More information regarding the Ceramic Pro process and system is also available, feel free to contact us using the form or call us.



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  • Engine Shampoo

    It’s a good idea to carry out an engine shampoo at least once in six months. An engine shampoo wash will clean out your engine and at the same time make sure that it works better in the long run.

  • Floor Mats

    The floor mats are without question the parts of the interior that take winter abuse the hardest. If you’ve got all-rubber floor mats or the carpet mats we steam clean them back to new.

  • Interior Detailing

    Proper interior detailing is not as readily obvious to observers as an exterior detail, but is just as important. It can be embarrassing if someone walks up and admires the nice clean wheels, the shiny paint and the brightly reflective chrome and then looks in the window to see a dusty, faded dashboard and dirty, sticky carpet.

  • Machine Glaze

    The best swirl remover is a liquid that contains emollients and cleaners. The particles in it start off large and grow smaller as they’re used. We use a machine polisher with a polishing pad and then finish by applying a coat of good wax.

  • Remove Brake Dust

    When left untreated, brake dust will wreak havoc on the finish of most aluminum wheels, making it extremely hard to remove. As the wheels spin and brakes are applied, the brake dust will be baked on the finish of your aluminum wheels due to excessive heat. This causes streaks, unsightly marks, discoloration and damage.

  • Tire Dressing

    A single application of tire dressing can provide a clean shine for up to six months without any greasy residue, overspray or sling while also providing UV protection.