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    Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 6pm
    Saturday: 8:30am to 4pm
    Sunday: By Appointment Only


    350 Woodbridge Avenue Unit 10 Woodbridge, ON L4L 3K8

    Call: (416) 830-4903

    Email: [email protected]


    Located inside Canadian Tire Service. More information regarding the Ceramic Pro process and system is also available, feel free to contact us using the form or call us.

    About Us

    About Us

    Hello, we are Splish Splash.
    Established 2012 – Toronto.


    THERE’S A DIFFERENCE between car washing and car care. The former is what you do begrudgingly and in a hurry. After you finally get around to picking up the ketchup-smeared napkin on your floor mat and clearing out the Snickers wrapper tucked into your cupholder, you take the dutiful drive through your local carwash. The whole thing is just another chore.

    Car care, however, is something more. Yes, it entails basic cleaning (vacuuming the interior, slathering the exterior in soap), but it goes further. It’s all about lavishing attention on a prized possession. We commit to finding just the right chemical compounds for the job, not to mention the softest sponges, polishing pads and drying towels.

    We might seem like preening worrywarts, insisting that car-owners should take multiple passes to remove different kinds of buildup, and carefully towel-dry the car instead of relying on evaporation. But paint jobs are more fragile than they seem. Those innocuous-looking water spots from air-drying can be a sign of corrosion from the minerals and chemicals found in tap water, and scrubbing too hard at a piece of dirt lodged in the clear coat can permanently scratch the color coat beneath.

    Not surprisingly, we believe in using the right tools for the job. You don’t, for instance, want to wipe down your seats with a general-purpose household cleaner (it could degrade the upholstery). Similarly, rubbing the exterior down with a rough sponge or ratty towel is a no-no that can scratch the paint. Car-care afficionados favor a microfiber towel, for example, that’s all about softness (our favorite, the Cobra Supreme Guzzler, could double as a baby blanket). Or a dual-action polisher whose motor revs high enough to do your clear coat a world of good.

    All this pampering does have a practical benefit: It increases the lifespan and resale value of your vehicle. And although it’s certainly reasonable to try to do this yourself, there’s real satisfaction in having a professional beautifying your ride.

    Core principles.


    Passion is the fire in the belly. The driving force, that inherent intensity that makes one get up in the morning. For most it is usually the alarm. But passion is what makes us seek out new and effective methods of making your car look it’s best.


    Also known as perseverance, work ethic, commitment, drive, passion, sense of urgency, effort, or resourcefulness. This includes honoring our commitments to the best of our ability by whatever means necessary. Diligence exists hand-in-hand with customer service, a drive to provide a quality product, and service no matter the obstacles.


    Nooks and crevices look out. We commit to seeking out the most awkward spots in your car the “how did you get there” spots and making sure they’re as clean as the rest of the vehicle.


    Engine Shampoo

    It’s a good idea to carry out an engine shampoo at least once in six months. An engine shampoo wash will clean out your engine and at the same time make sure that it works better in the long run.


    Remove Brake Dust

    When left untreated, brake dust will wreak havoc on the finish of most aluminum wheels, making it extremely hard to remove. As the wheels spin and brakes are applied, the brake dust will be baked on the finish of your aluminum wheels due to excessive heat. This causes streaks, unsightly marks, discoloration and damage.


    Interior Detailing

    Proper interior detailing is not as readily obvious to observers as an exterior detail, but is just as important. It can be embarrassing if someone walks up and admires the nice clean wheels, the shiny paint and the brightly reflective chrome and then looks in the window to see a dusty, faded dashboard and dirty, sticky carpet.


    Tire Dressing

    A single application of tire dressing can provide a clean shine for up to six months without any greasy residue, overspray or sling while also providing UV protection.


    Floor Mats

    The floor mats are without question the parts of the interior that take winter abuse the hardest. If you’ve got all-rubber floor mats or the carpet mats we steam clean them back to new.


    Machine Glaze

    The best swirl remover is a liquid that contains emollients and cleaners. The particles in it start off large and grow smaller as they’re used. We use a machine polisher with a polishing pad and then finish by applying a coat of good wax.

    “Simply put, to make every car look its best. Our customers love us for our meticulous, precise and fast detailing. We believe in being the best option for fine auto detailing in the GTA.”

    Paul DeCristofaro

    Interested in learning more?